Bishop Tattoo is the world’s most innovative tattoo machine builder and a redesign of their most popular products involved a challenging motor problem. Bishop needed higher performance in a smaller envelope while reducing noise, vibration and cost and simplifying the machine assembly process. One of the initial problems was that the machine requirements were not well understood. Extensive testing of the mechanism by Bishop and Halbar personnel helped define the torque and speed requirements and also revealed some unique application requirements from the tattoo artists themselves.

Once the basic specifications were established, Orbray engineers went to work developing a custom motor that matched the specifications precisely, while meeting the cost and timeline targets. When completed, the motor was able to fit into two different tattoo machines, with just a custom ring making up the mechanical differences.

By closely collaborating, Orbray, Bishop and Halbar were able to come up with a motor solution that advanced the state of the art while meeting market demands for reliability, cost and schedule.