For over sixty years Halbar Associates has provided technical sales experience to the industrial, commercial, aerospace and military markets

Halbar Associates

Halbar associates offers superior technical sales coverage and service to the Southern California, Arizona, Nevada for a diverse set of products

  • Motion Control

    Motion controllers, PLCs, servo and stepper drives for all motion applications

  • Motors

    Motors and gear motors – AC, DC, stepper, and servo for a wide range of power and precision

  • Electromechanical

    Lead screws, solenoids, voice coil actuators, precision rotary and linear bearings

Halbar’s sales engineers work with their customers to optimize the products we sell for your specific applications

Application Spotlight

Halbar, Namiki and Bishop collaborated on the development of the next generation rotary tattoo machine, resulting in a custom motor assembly that improved packaging and performance while reducing cost and assembly time.

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