PMDC Motors and Gearmotors, Hollow Shaft Right Angle Gearmotors, Hollow Shaft Offset Gearmotors and Three Phase Parallel Shaft Gearmotors.
AC, DC Servo and Brushless DC motors. Power transmission solutions. Linear actuators, stepping motors and drives. Along with evaporator motors and permanent magnet brush motors.
Galil is a leading manufacturer of motion controllers, with solutions that are powerful, cost-effective and easy to use. Offering a wide range of products covering a variety of bus-based and stand alone controllers, Galil provides solutions for single and multi-axis applications.
Helix Linear Technologies manufactures an extensive line of lead screws including precision rolled, milled and ground with leads ranging from 0.024-3 or 3mm to 75mm as well as a complete line of standard and anti-backlash nut designs. They can also custom engineer leads and nut designs to customer specifications and requirements. They provide products to commercial, semiconductor, medical, automotive and aerospace markets.
Small DC Motors, armatures, high voltage motors and gear motors.
Specialists in Solenoids & Electromagnetic Devices
Low cost shaded pole motors and gearmotors, DC gearmotors.
Miniature coreless and brushless motors and gearheads.

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